LT Electrical Distribution Panels
A. Electrical Custom-built Assemblies
We have in-house infrastructure and business capability to manufacture any type of electrical custom-built assembly. We specialize in manufacturing the following:
  1. Power Control Centers-Up to 5000A
  2. Generating Set Panels, AMF Panels, Auto Synchronizing and Load Sharing Panels using PLC controls.
  3. Motor Control Centers-Up to 3200A, draw-out or non draw-out type.
  4. Power Distribution Boards (AC/DC Distribution Boards upto 1000A/630A respectively)
  5. Cubicle design giving a flush and elegant appearance sheet steel of desired thickness
  6. Industrial designs using angle iron frame
  7. Feeder Pillars-Both outdoor and indoor type for street lighting, distribution, telephone network distribution, and power distribution for multi-story complexes or residential areas.
  8. Special type of motor starters and panels for Air Conditioning Plants, i.e., AHU Panels, HVAC panels
  9. Process Control Panels with mimic diagrams
  10. Control & Relay Panels up to 66kVA
  11. Rising Mains up to 1600A for distribution in multi storey buildings with adaptor boxes and tap off boxes and bus ducts upto 6300Amps.
  12. PLC Panels for process automation industries
  13. Bus trunking up to 4000A
  14. Over-head busbar systems rated from 100A to 400A for industrial bays having multiple machines where power supply can be tapped off directly to the machines with the help of tap-off or plug-in boxes.
  15. HT Panels up to 11kV
  16. Cable Trays-Ladder or Perforated type and Raceways
All types of Low Tension (LT) Electrical Distribution Panels are manufactured as per relevant IS Standard/against customer’s specification and supply orders. Our manufacturing process comprises of following steps:
  1. Designing
  2. Fabrication, Pre-treatment and Painting
  3. Assembling
  4. Wiring, Terminals and Hardware
  5. In-house Testing
A) Designing:
We have in-house Auto-CAD facility to design any type of electrical custom-built assembly as required by our valued customer. Our design team is well experienced and qualified to take any assignment. Designing is the key to success to get any supply order which reflects into a growth of an organization. At “ANAND” designing of any electrical custom built-assembly completes in the following steps:
Once the design is accepted and approved internally by the concerned departments and externally by the customer, now the same is ready to release for fabrication. Each design is prepared in five sets and released to our fabrication, assembly, wiring, QC and works department.

B) Fabrication, Pre-treatment and Painting:
The housing is fabricated out of 14 gauge MS sheets and is of welded or bolted construction. The base is made of 10 gauge channel with removable gland plate on top and holes for grouting at the bottom.
Our Fabrication facility is spread over 5000sq.ft area and includes state-of-the art shearing and bending machines. We have CNC based machines to have any type of bends or cut-outs required in the enclosures. Our comprehensive tooling division ensures any type of specialized or customized fabrication works can be undertaken by us.
Unique features of our pre-treatment and paint shop:
  • Large size and 8 tanks.
  • Phosphoric acid based pre-treatment chemicals.
  • Boilers for adequate heating of tanks.
  • Powder Painting booth of Thermax make.
  • Electrostatic guns for uniformity of paint coating (used from 2 sides).
  • Electric hoist for better object movement.
  • Diesel Fired and Electric Heated Baking Oven-size 2.8 x 2.7 x 1.8 meters (H x L x W)
  • Air compressor with moisture and oil preventing filters.
Fabrication is the first stage of production process and is performed inside the factory premises. Fabrication is done according to work order drawings using CNC based machines such, power press, press brake, notching and electric welding machines. Completion of fabrication is followed by inspection done by our QC Inspection Team as per the quality plan.
Pre-treatment and Painting:
The second stage is the pre-treatment of the product. This activity ensures that the metal surface is free from traces of oil, grease and rust and a very thin layer of iron phosphate is deposited before it is painted for good adhesion of paint. Pre-treatment is done by following a process of dipping in tanks of 3000mm (long) x 1100mm (wide) 1200mm (deep) by help of electric hoist of 3ton capacity running over the tanks.
After the completion of pre-treatment process, the product is ready to be painted. This activity is performed to cover the metal surface with non-rusting material and to give the desired shade and finish to the product. We have a facility for both liquid paint as well as powder coat paint. As a standard practice we provide powder coat paint, whereas liquid paint is available on demand/special application.

C. Assembly:
Various activities are performed in this section. These activities are generally independent of each other and may not be done in a sequential manner.
I. Assembly of Panels:
  1. Panel joining and base channel fitting.
  2. Door channel fitting.
  3. Door gasketing
  4. Door fitting, adjustment and lock fitting.
  5. Top plate and bottom plate fitting.
  6. Lifting hook fitting.
II. Busbar:
“ANAND” make switchboards incorporate 3-phase, 4-wire, 50 Hz suitably rated Electrolytic Copper or Aluminum bus bars which are air insulated. The bus bars are mounted on SMC/DMC supports providing spacing as per IS guidelines. Hylum sheet brackets by counter-sunk screws and specially designed acrylic sheets shrouding are provided in order to provide protection to the operator. Busbar fitting includes:
  1. Busbar support fitting.
  2. Busbar preparation, sleeving and fitting.
  3. Fitting of earth Busbar / Earthing bolt.
To facilitate earthing, a G.I. bar 50 x 6mm or 25 x 6mm size is provided at the bottom of each panel. These bars are painted in green shade for identification, with sufficient unpainted space spared for earthing connections. Also, earthing stickers are fixed on the outside of the panel from where the connection is to be taken.
III. Component Fitting:
Feeder Name Plates as per the feeder descriptions are fixed over each feeder, and similar name plates are also provided on the front of the panel board.   anandpower

D) Wiring, Terminals and Hardware:
Wiring of equipment: is carried out inside the factory premises with insulated, flexible copper conductors. Selection of colour and size of control wiring, identification of control wires by PVC ferrules is done according to work order drawings. Size of the conductors is selected as per current ratings of various feeders.    ANANDPOWER
Terminal & Hardware:
For terminating control inter-connections, suitable terminals are provided for equipment. These are suitably numbered to ensure proper connections and to facilitate ease of maintenance. All other hardware accessories such as lugs, glands, locks, etc are used as per our strict quality control measures.

E) In-house Testing:
After assembly each switch Board, LT Panel and Bus Duct is thoroughly tested. Suitable tests are carried out to ensure continuity of operation. In-house tests cover the following:
  1. Wiring Continuity Test
  2. Insulation Resistance Test
  3. Earth Continuity Test
  4. Earth Resistivity Test
  5. Testing of Polarity of non-linked Single Pole Switches.
  6. Operation checks
Besides the above, any other test specified by the local authority shall also be carried out. TOP
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